Zee Spends Her Money on Cheese

Baby Zee is still in Bandung so she has temporarily lost her director/producer. Here is a little video to lepas kangen. When she comes back we’ll get back to regular programming!
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47 replies
  1. Tri - SS
    Tri - SS says:

    looks total idiot when the nanies (or whatever they are) were laughing hard and getting genuinely shocked by the amount of cheese they buy by themselves, like they think Zee's REALLY wanted and picked that much.
    lmao, just my personal opinion though

  2. Jannah perkins
    Jannah perkins says:

    Omg I miss zee so much I almost unsubscribe.. please don't do this for too long again.. where did she go? How come you didn't put her in the vlog for that long? I been waiting for this moment for so long.. I didnt have any patients anymore.. she's the start.


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