Money Suit Social Experiment!

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33 replies
  1. Catie Cat
    Catie Cat says:

    only the fucking rich people's can't share the good things for others who really need it!!!god bless you bro! but better you write in your board are "for poor people's only" let see the rich peoples what they are gonna do.

  2. Jackie Malecki
    Jackie Malecki says:

    "you really need this?" "yeah i have a nail appointment" omg. give it to the poor. people and animals out there are in need and we aren't doing anything. let's take a stand and help the homeless animals and humans out there.

  3. Crystal Amy
    Crystal Amy says:

    She's spending money for a NAIL APPOINTMENT!?

    Shit, some ppl need money to SURVIVE!!! I don't wanna live there, and thank GOD I don't!
    That homeless person is so…..idk lol

  4. agam chan
    agam chan says:

    if you had money that you dont need give it all to me… in my country people dont take 1 or 5 of that. the one person that see you was taking all of that… sorry for my eng

  5. CeCe Kansas
    CeCe Kansas says:

    That is so sad! To me the guy who needs it the most who is homeless took $2.00!!!!! But yet you see people walk around in designer bags and suits on and they took more than someone who needed it the most. Wow, the message people should end with at the end of this video is to think of the message the sign represented.

  6. CeCe Kansas
    CeCe Kansas says:

    This video is so uplifting and meaningful to me. The only thing I would have done differently is I would have put together resources to help the homeless man get off the streets and become more productive stable, instead of handing him money. Even though that helped it still did not solve the problem he's homeless. The homeless man has a beautiful heart, more than all those other people who saw money they didn't need and decided to take it.


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